Manadoob Video/Hayden Kessenich


To recap my involvement with MANADOOB requires a bit of explanation in order to fully understand the attached video.

In the fall of 2012 I had the good fortune of meeting the creators of the Manadoob Program, June Salin and Susan Cooper, and Nancy Shannon via phone from her home in Hawaii. Manadoob is a self esteem and awareness program designed for children.

I was delighted at the prospect of sharing the Manadoob with our Chhahari Children in Nepal, but knew it was beyond our reach financially. Susan, June and Nancy found a donor who funded the entire cost of the kits ($4,000.00).

The next daunting task was to take the required course to become a facilitator in order to properly teach the Manadoob system. Somehow I passed and upon arriving in Nepal in the winter of 2013, classes began with our dear Sita as the youngest of our children to participate. English was a must. All our children loved reading the book, viewing the videos and becoming friends with the characters. (For more information please see

In the 2 following years June, Susan and Nancy contacted me and delivered additional kits and the new Manadoob Game.

Late in the summer of 2015 Susan asked my assistance helping her neighbor, Hayden Kessenich, a young man planning on an Asia trip with a stop in Nepal. After hearing about Chhahari, he wanted to pay our hostel a visit and at the same time donate Manadoob Blankets to all our children. I spoke to Hayden on a few occasions prior to his departure……….off he went and now on to the attached VIDEO.

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