EARTHQUAKE RELIEF UPDATE- 2 Years after the Earth Quake

One year after the earthquake that devastated many areas in Nepal including Kathmandu, there is still much to be done. Buildings are still being rebuilt and families are recovering from terrible losses of loved ones.

Chhahari had a great deal of support from compassionate supporters worldwide, and we are so very thankful. There are several ways we have been using and will continue to use the donations that poured in. One specific project we are working toward is to identify children who suffered amputations, burns, or other injuries in the disaster and who will need prosthetics and subsequent ongoing care as they grow. For the prosthetics, we are working with trusted professionals who desire, as we do, to provide high-quality artificial limbs to recipients. When we have details of this project in place we will provide updates.

In the meantime, we remain deeply grateful to our donors who help us ease the lives of the earthquake’s victims. Namasté.

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