Chhahari Budget

Chhahari Annual Budget of Approximately $40,000.00 U.S. provides the following:

Chhahari’s annual budget is vast by Nepalese standards, but relatively small to the average American. Current day-to-day expenses total $40,000.00 annually, which provides medical and dental care, food, education, clothing, and household expenses for approximately 25 children.

We also support five children who remain with their families in their home villages, plus four part time employees: hostel co-ordinator, scholastic tutor, and music and computer skills instructors.
At the Chhahari home, we employ a married couple that directs our program and act as surrogate
parents to all our children. All others, including our organizations’s President, volunteer their time.

Please note, cost of living increases, the rising cost of food and fuel, and fluctuations in the exchange rate, effect this budget.

– Detailed Budget available upon request.

– 100% of all donations are applied directly to the annual budget

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